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Steampunk Lolita by Kziki Steampunk Lolita by Kziki
So recently I've come to learn of a genre called Steampunk--a genre which, it should be mentioned, pretty much everybody recognizes, but doesn't know the name of it until somebody points to Wild Wild West or Girl Genius, at which point they say OOHHH, /thats/ steampunk??

To celebrate my own completely un-unique epiphany on this matter, I doodled this while whoring myself out to commissions at animazement.

Nick then challenged me to make it lolita, too, and so seeing as lace and the victorian era go together like healthy victorian women and bicycles, I said 'okiedokie' and did so.

I even made up a background story! *so proud of self*

A crazy mad scientist in said steampunky neo-victorian setting needed some scrap metal and, as he lived by a busy rail road, decided that derailing trains was a good way to get lots of free equipment, pre-taken apart by momentum, as well as food (from the train nom-noms car, not the people themselves, you cannibalistic weirdos.)

Said mad scientist keeps wrecking trains, and there are no survivors because he tends to kill them off, except for a very lovely busty young thing who probably has amnesia for no particular reason other than the author's laziness and, despite her being in many parts and mostly busy bleeding to death, he decides that he will make her into the 6-train woman (a spoof on the six million dollar man, as while the government spends six million dollars, the scientist just used six fucked up trains).

She wakes up to a new body and an obvious boob job and, outraged at the whole amnesia/forced to live with a creepy guy who gets off on crashing trains, decides to go fight crime or something before whatever neo-victorian united states president sends in the troops to beat up the creepy old man.

At some point she falls in love but, tragically, when her and her shy, reserved yet intelligent and romantic young asian lover attempt to have sex, his fear of amputees causes her to try and have sex with him without taking off the dangerous gears on her leg, and his junk is caught in it at the height of passion and he exsanguinates very happily while she is scarred and probably goes off to fight more crime, probably with some sort of vendetta against genital-smashing in machinery.

Single-handedly revolutionizing industrial safety for the sake of genitals everywhere, she becomes an icon and rides off into the sunset on a horse that later dies because half of her is made of moving machinery that does not mix well with horse flesh.

The end!
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Spaztic-Wolf Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2008
wow....wicked it!
Liranan Featured By Owner May 28, 2008
Great concept art!
GatesuRyu Featured By Owner May 28, 2008   Filmographer
that is both steam and punk, that story is hilarious btw.
Deems Featured By Owner May 27, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
lol @ the story, hon. Yer an iamginitive nutter :P

But I loooveee the final outcome, like always ^.^ so talented
The-Drunken-Celt Featured By Owner May 27, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
O_o thats wild
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May 27, 2008
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